Move Your UI to the 23rd Century - Building a Data Dashboard with Delphi and Skia. Engage!

A talk by Ian Barker

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Do you want to create the most amazing custom user interfaces with wonderful fonts that have things like gradient fills and other effects applied to them? Do you want to WOW users with blindingly fast scaled graphics? Join Ian as he uses Delphi and Skia to recreate a FULLY WORKING 23rd Century starship computer live dashboard to show off the techniques and capabilities of Delphi and Skia without the need to learn Klingon, deal with the Ferengi or avoid The Borg Collective. You don't have to be a Trekkie or geek to enjoy this session - but it does help. Full speed ahead, warp factor 9, Engage!! (Queue uplifting orchestral music and whooshing spaceship sounds).