Patrick Prémartin

Patrick Prémartin

Embarcadero MVP
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Developer and fan of Pascal since 1989, author of articles in the IT press, speaking on many technical or non-specialized forums, I said to myself that it was time to get back to writing a little about the practice of Pascal and Pascal Objet with the tools currently on the market (mainly Delphi).

My objective is not to replace the late Pascalissime , Point DBF and Informatique & Développement , nor the forums and tutorials of . I just intend to share my way of seeing programming in these languages ​​and save you the hours spent struggling on certain tools or configurations.

Currently I mainly use Delphi in its latest version offered by Embarcadero . It allows multiplatform from a common code base. More practical for me than doing Objective C, Swift, Java or C ++ depending on which devices I code.

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