Oren Aviram

Oren Aviram

Owner & Lead Developer of The Delphi Parser - Automatic Modernization Tools

Delphi Modernization Expert
The Delphi Parser

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Oren Aviram is a Delphi Fan. This on top his vast knowledge & experience. he is a true software expert professional, with vast knowledge and experience of over 25 years in the IT industry, providing software solutions, specializing in migration & maintenance of large scale software Legacy systems based on a variety of technologies (Delphi with BDE, Java, VB, C# .Net using legacy databases like Paradox, dBase, Interbase, Access, Oracle with Natural, Sybase 12.5 etc.)

PACIFITY Technologies was founded by Oren Aviram, Embarcadero’s Delphi MVP, who is also the inventor & CTO of the Delphi Parser – the man behind the robot. PACIFITY Technologies provides professional services to Government IT Departments, Military Units, Banks, Insurance companies, Telecom & Retail companies, and many more. The Delphi Parser technology, tools & software is owned by PACIFITY Technologies Ltd., based in Tel-Aviv, Israel & provides software solutions to customers all around the globe.

Being a Migration Expert is a Tough Business, where you have to master past, present & future technologies, lead a cross company solution, get along with employees as well as with the employers, be sensitive to client’s needs, flexible as an acrobat, as well as to being a Guru, a Teacher, a Doctor, Psychologist & a Social Worker…and of course a Miracle Worker.

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