Erik van Bilsen

Erik van Bilsen

Senior Software Engineer

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Erik van Bilsen is an Embarcadero MVP that loves developing software that is fun to create and fun to use!

He has been fortunate to build experience in a wide variety of topics, from software for performing financial calculations to software to hold audio and video conferences over the internet. From low-level close-to-the-metal development of ultra high performance assembly code, to high-level object oriented and scalable systems. From building intuitive user interfaces for client applications, to building GUI-less backends and server applications. From desktop applications to mobile applications.

Erik always liked sharing his programming experiences, as author of The Delphi Magazine in the early days, to his current Grijjy blog. Currently his focus is on developing synchronous e-learning solutions at Lumicademy. Lumicademy integrates audio and video conferencing, document sharing, desktop sharing, media sharing, annotations and chat into a single product for all platforms. All mostly written in Delphi.

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