Cary š¯”¨ensen

Cary š¯”¨ensen

Jensen Data Systems, Inc.
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Cary Jensen is Chief Technology Officer of Jensen Data Systems. Since 1988 he has built and deployed database applications in a wide range of industries. Cary is an Embarcadero MVP, a Spirit of Delphi recipient, and a best-selling author of more than two dozen books on software development. He is a popular speaker at Delphi conferences and workshops, was the author of, and lead speaker on the original 1995 Delphi World Tour, and is the co-founder of Delphi Developer Days. Last year Cary accepted the position of Chief Technology Officer at The Purchasing Manager LLC, a startup building a business-to-business procurement application in the cloud.

In addition, Cary holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Psychology, specializing in human-computer interaction. And this year he was appointed to the position of Adjunct Professor in the Human/Computer Interaction group in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Rice University, one of the United Statesā€™ leading research institutions.

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